Prakash Atreya, PhD

Scientific Software Developer

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I have been developing software for the past 8 years. I have experience in image processing, statistical analysis and scientific computing. I am also a full-stack engineer.

Asteroid 20994 Atreya has been named after me to honour my work in Astronomy.

I have lead various software projects, and supervised undergraduate/graduate students. With my education and experience, I am comfortable in leading and managing any software product.

Feel free to email regarding any new challenges.

linux OS-X windows aws bash python C++ tcl/tk idl apache html ajax javascript bootstrap jquery php mysql svn git

Astronomy Social Platform is a social platform (still in developement) dedicated to astronomers and astronomy. Features including uploading documents (presentation slides, images etc) posting blogs, and comments, etc. The website is hosted in AWS cloud and uses EC2, S3, RDS, SES, SNS, Route53 etc.

Application Management System

REU online application includes features such as application form, links to upload supporting documents, admin dashboard to monitor all application, automated reminder emails, scripts to combine supporting documents into single pdf file.

CIMA User Interface

CIMA UI is used by scientist to do astronomy observations using the biggest single dish radio telescope of the world. It is written in tcl/tk, C, tcsh and python. I integrated PUPPI (Puerto Rico Ultimate Pulsar Processing Instrument) last year into CIMA and it is considered the simplest backend to use for pulsar observations.

SPARVM Meteor Analysis Package

SPARVM analyzes meteors (shooting stars) video with features such as meteor identification, astrometry, photometry, computation of its trajectory and orbital parameter using data from multiple locations. The software is also being used at CABARNET meteor project in France and at Desert Fireball Network in Australia.

Scientific Developer @ Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany since April 2015

  1. Develop and improve algorithms for photometric reductions of Dark Energy Survey Data.
  2. Contribute to the data reduction pipeline for Dark Energy Survey data and ESA Euclid mission

Programmer Analyst Specialist @ Arecibo Observatory, Arecibo, USA. Nov 2011 - Mar 2015

  1. Maintain/develop user-interface that controls the biggest radio telescope.
  2. Integrate various software and backends into the distributed system.
  3. Provide technical support to staff/scientist.

For other jobs, please see my resume.

Download my resume for software engineer positions. To see the list of places where I have worked/trained please download my full CV.